< ERP for the graphic industry

SaaS development that allows the automation, management and monitoring of all production stages of a printing company. Currently used by multiple companies in Latin America and the United States.
It is focused on digitizing the operation, increasing sales, productivity and profitability of the company.

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< The challenge

For us with Twist Print, in 2015, it was about developing a system that not only monitored the processes and stages of a printing or graphic plant. In addition, optimization algorithms for cuts, machine automation, integration with electronic invoices and instant coordination with suppliers and dispatchers had to be created.

< The solution

To achieve this, we worked on the project in different modules, each one focused on a specific stage or function of the printing press. In this way, the employees would have the possibility of monitoring each order, entering work orders to each machine, scheduling processes in advance and authorizing advances towards different stages, all from a computer or tablet connected to the Twist Print web platform.

Tecnologías usadas en Twist Print

< Technologies in use

Given the size of the project, the development of Twist Print incorporates various web technologies widely used today. It is a modular system that uses Ruby On Rails and Node.js for logic and algorithms related to the backend. In the case of the frontend, different Javascript libraries are used, as well as React in the most recent modules. All of the above allows us to ensure the optimization of the different processes of a graphic plant. The entire platform is designed so that customers actually use the modules, in turn allowing the possibility of incorporating new modules and functionalities in the future.

Tecnologías usadas en Twist Print

< Result

The result is reflected in the growth of the project, today optimizing plant work in more than 100 clients and extending its presence in other countries such as Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

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