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Isotipo Nnodes
< Since 2015 we have followed the idea of creating high-quality technological products and services.

This has been one of the main objectives that fuels the company's engine, but another of the important fuels is our concern to provide a work environment that promotes happiness, comfort and motivation for our team.

We are proud to work in our culture to be a second home for talented people, who carry out their work delivering solutions and products for challenging and varied contexts.

As we have grown, we have always cared that the essence of our culture is transmitted from person to person. It helps us to never lose focus and that each new member of our team feels supported by his peers to face the day-to-day goals.

< Our Team

fotos varias del grupo
Pablo Caviedes smiling


Natalia Muñoz smiling

Lead Software Developer

Franco Restaino smiling


Erika Pinedo smiling

UX/UI Designer

Lowtjie Rivero smiling

Lead Software Developer

Yannick Brionne smiling

Lead Software Developer

Juanfra Campos smiling

Lead Software Developer

Diego Eterovic smiling

Business Manager

< Our culture

The Nnodes team shares interests, hobbies and activities on a regular basis. We like to create spaces that allow Nnoders to laugh and enjoy participating in things where they feel comfortable and motivated.

Some events and traditions that we celebrate at Nnodes


The most important event of the year, without exceptions. We occupy this day to celebrate a tremendous birthday to the company. The official date is February 24, but the celebration as such is set for a nearby Friday.


Our own Olympics. Every year during January we divide into teams and have a day of outdoor competitions. Winning the NGames is the meaning of glory and honor.

N 18

Celebration of the most important holiday in the country. A nice evening of food, entertainment and a great Chilean atmosphere.

Winter NGames (WNG)

The winter version focused on indoor activities. We also use a whole day to do it, some of the funniest jokes and memories come from this event.

Break Fast

The first Monday of each month the team has breakfast in the office. It's common for a team member to bring something tasty, so you can skip breakfast at home today...or have breakfast twice.

Show N Tell

Presentations of varied and interesting topics of the team. The theme and style of the presentation are at the presenter's disposal, which allows this instance to be fun and dynamic..

< Nnodes values

Team work
Direct communication
Problem resolution
High quality

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