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Seriously Simple ERP

All-in-One platform to keep your business organized. It allows you to generate service budgets, sell and receive payments online. In addition, it helps to plan your operation and organize your team with Calendar and Scheduling modules. Integrated with the SII for the issuance of invoices in a fast and simplified way, and much more.

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< Problem and difficulties

The Parrotfy team found that there is no solution specifically dedicated to managing professional services companies. The software offered by the market only responded to product companies with identical items among them and with high inventories, not for unique and personalized services.

< Solution

One of our clients gave us the insights after years of experience and together we developed Parrotfy. We iterated the project from the early stages, surveying and designing the application. Now the software is capable of freeing up teams to focus on strategic activities and being a true professional services management tool.

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< Benefits

Time optimization
Increase sales
Help scale the business
Issuance of documents (invoices, dispatch guides, tickets, etc.)
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