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Know and internalize
We give you a design guide which will have all the views and interactions of the app, color palette, etc. In addition to that we will allow you to test the application in a temporary prototype for a defined time, in this way you can decide if it really is the solution you need.
Exploration and research
We will have a meeting in which we will seek to understand and get to know your brand in depth, your dreams, way of seeing things and above all what you want to deliver to your clients, what you want them to think of your brand. We will help you identify the pain points that need be resolved regarding your image to be able to calculate the scope of the project and specifically define the deadlines to meet. We will create an internal brief that contains all the relevant information to be able to work efficiently and fluently.
Design proposal
Finally we will land all the work done in the previous stage in a proposal logo, color palette and personality. These elements are the basis for creating your brand manual. At this stage where we can talk about the proposals and refine details that you find necessary.
Other Design Services
UX/UI design
Mobile Application Design
Web design