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Mobile App

Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that provides a complete system for the monitoring and administration of kinesiological treatments of the sports clinic, accompanying the patient throughout your recovery.
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Web for orders and Point of Sale

Web platform that handles thousands of weekly orders in an agile and efficient manner, focused on deliver the best possible experience to its users. In addition, point of sale software development and IT consulting for the entire chain.
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All-in-One platform to keep your business organized. Allows you to generate budgets services, sell and receive payments online. In addition, it helps to plan your operation and organize your team with Calendar and Scheduling modules. Integrated with the SII to issue invoices quickly and simplified, and much more.
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ERP for the graphic industry

Twist Print ERP / MIS delivers an end-to-end online platform that automates and expedites your entire workflow from estimate to delivery, customer satisfaction, and beyond.
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management platform

Nico is a platform to boost sales and ease the day-to-day workload for insurance brokers. Centralizes the interaction of brokers with their clients in a single place and delivery tools for better management.
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Internal management system

Web application available to make quotes, monitor and schedule services, manage customers and facilitate the billing of the transport company.
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Web application to get your rural permit

Web platform that facilitates obtaining circulation permits in associated rural communes. This initiative promotes the equitable and supportive development of the country.
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Web App

Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to make supermarket purchases in large formats and at low cost. Allows you to search for products by category, add them to the cart, select address, pay and track the order.
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Website, quoting and monitoring system

Ruuf is a marketplace that connects people looking to install solar panels with installers. The system generates quotes based on a parameterizer managed by the client, delivering a instant quote.
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Inventory Control Platform

Together with a German clinic, we generated an inventory control platform for clothing stores. The system is capable of raising alerts, keeping track, showing capabilities and optimizing resources face to bedding. It is also capable of being integrated with laundries for office automation.
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Platform and website

Complete system of administration and management of different dimensions within schools. It has algorithms for course distribution, proxy contact, document management, intranet, among others.
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Digital platform for arbitrations

Platform to facilitate the digitalization of arbitrations or legal mediations. It has storage of the procedures in the cloud to access them remotely. Instantly and automatically notify resolutions.
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Web software for the management of your workshop.

Responsive software that allows you to organize and manage your mechanical workshop. It has an appointment scheduling system, parts inventory, work order and purchase management. Other functionalities: reception of vehicles with photo, budgets, Calendar, among others.
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Property manager

100% online system for property and building management. The main objective is to facilitate the management of the building and the lives of those who reside there.
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Payment platform and integrations with foreign payers

Platform for automation and integration with foreign payers. Complete system with dashboard, consolidated, automatic transfers etc.
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Largest on-demand task platform in the region

Software for shift management and assistance specialized in trade-marketing. Through profiles, applications, management of headquarters, a 100 automatic system was achieved that allowed it to guarantee its clients the assistance of personnel for trade tasks.
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Sales and commissions report

Online system for calculating rent based on sales. It has reports, consolidations and issuance of emails for the correct calculation and notification of the parties.
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Backend platform

We develop the administration, visualization and control of data of mobile application that seeks to monitor the maturation process of concreting in each of the works in which the companies products are needed.
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Air waybills tracking system

Integration with multiple external services to keep information updated and the status of the different dispatches made by the air cargo broker.
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< Fundación Crecer

Tests in asynchronous format

Together with the foundation we developed a platform for the execution of comprehension tests reading, spelling, syllables, etc. The objetive is that students can develop them from their phone or computer.
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Vessels Tracking and remote displays control

Platform for the tracking and positioning of ships. Along with Raspberry technology, computers were developed that connect to Navimag sales points to display information relevant to passengers.
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< Clínica Universidad de Los Andes

Clothing platform

Platform development for clinical clothing inventory management and control. It allows obtaining reports and information in real time on where the different garments are located.
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< Bórquez & Asociados

Real estate administration

Internal real estate management system. Allows clients to know the publications available, their characteristics and prices. Additionally, it connects with other platforms properties such as TocToc, Emol and Portal Inmobiliario