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Understand your brand/company
In the first instance, we will give special importance to understanding your brand or company, your vision and personality. We will also help you guide your communication strategy by making you questions about your goals and convictions. All information, examples and references that we obtain from you will help us create a better design proposal for your website.
Creativity and ingenuity
The design team will use the information obtained to design a proposal that meets reflect the personality, vision and objectives initially set. We always work our designs with a mobile first mentality, making sure to achieve the same level of expertise and communication in all devices. We will use our knowledge, judgment and creativity with your interests in mind. Once the design is finished we will carry out internal processes to review and critique our own work, and thus make sure that we will show you the best possible version of what you need.
Final proposal, prototype and implementation
We will give you the documentation of the final proposal and a usable web prototype so that can tour your new digital home. We will explain what were the decisions behind the proposal, and we will solve your doubts. Once we reach an agreement we will start the implementation of your new website.
Other Design Services
UX/UI design
Mobile Application Design
Brand identity