New project in mind? Let's talk!


Understand what you need
An App may be exactly what you need, but more important is understanding the utility and use it will have. For this, Nnodes will have a meeting in which we will help you define and guide the structure and operation of the App. In this way the creativity of tools that we have to design it will be based on clear and real objectives.
Create a useful experience
Mobile Apps are part of the daily life of their users, they must deliver an experience fast, responsive and human. Using our knowledge and experience in usability we can define a clear, agile and compressive flow, avoiding barriers and pain points that commonly impair the relationship between the user and the product/service.
Delivery of design and prototype
We give you a design guide which will have all the views and interactions of the app, color palette, etc. In addition to that we will allow you to test the application in a prototype temporary for a defined time, in this way you can decide if it really is the solution you you need.
Other Design Services
UX/UI design
Brand identity
Web design